descriptionBroadcom Consumer Router Firmware Image Payload extractor and LZW decompressor
last changeSat, 9 Apr 2016 11:52:08 +0000 (12:52 +0100)
2016-04-09 TJVersion 1.01 master
2016-04-09 TJheap_reap: fix linked-list element insertion
2016-04-09 TJAdd example usage to -h help section v1.00
2016-04-09 TJgit: ignore build artifacts
2016-04-09 TJREADME: update description
2016-04-09 TJCorrect the usage description
2016-04-09 TJAdd the program code that wraps the libraries
2016-04-09 TJMakefile: set name and compilation options
2016-04-09 TJModify #includes of imported files
2016-04-08 TJImport additional CMS headers and update docs
2016-04-08 TJImport Broadcom/MitraStar firmware file structure header
2016-04-08 TJImport FFMPEG LZW code and CMS header from Broadcom...
2016-04-08 TJadd heap_reap memory manager
2016-04-08 TJMakefile and README doc
5 years ago v1.00
5 years ago master