2016-03-29 TjVersion 1.4 v1.4
2016-03-29 Tjcorrect descriptive help example
2016-03-29 Tjremove option -v
2016-03-29 Tjremove trailing linefeed from title
2016-03-29 Tjrefactor so non-option call to pr_usage() is after...
2016-03-29 Tjwrite program title at start-up to stderr
2016-03-29 Tjadd option -h for descriptive help
2016-03-29 Tjmodify usage() to optionally display help
2016-03-29 Tjmove version definition to start of file
2016-03-29 Tjconvert descriptive comments into printable C strings
2016-03-29 Tjbump version to 1.3 v1.3
2016-03-29 TjTimestamp handling now 100% correct; device ATSE <model...
2015-10-08 TjVersion 1.2 v1.2
2015-10-08 Tjreplace literal with constant
2015-10-08 Tjfix off-by-one buffer overflows
2015-10-07 Tjmake sure there is something to report
2015-10-07 Tjuse constants instead of literals for length comparisons
2015-10-07 Tjremove trailing spaces
2015-10-07 TjAdd .gitignore
2015-10-07 TjTidy up a few lint issues
2015-10-07 TjVersion 1.0